Wedding DJ Services

For couples who prefer an elegant, minimalist styled or traditional ceremony, I can assist in providing the soundtrack for the experience they imagine with the perfect blend of music tailored to them, their guests and the type of ceremony they are having. 

Standard Wedding Services Include:

  • Consultation
  • Up to 5 hours of DJ Service
  • Setup and breakdown time
  • Emcee services
  • Liability insurance
  • Professional gear
  • Personalized music for the couple & their guests
  • Coordination with other vendors when needed
  • Visit wedding location for logistics and setup ideas

Contact for rates.  Services are customizable to meet each clients specific needs. 

Lauren & John's Wedding Gig Log

Saturday was such a beautiful day.  I was taking a cruise on my bike when I passed this couple on 118th St & 8th avenue in Harlem. I heard them mumble, is that DJ Ness, was that him? I kept it moving... But I thought, maybe they recognized me from a past event somewhere...

Moments later, they shouted my name again louder... I turned around to take another look and they approached me asking if was a DJ. I replied, yes, why do you ask. He said, "my name is John and this my fiance Lauren.  We met at a wedding event years ago and I also recently booked you for our upcoming wedding in November." John and i have been communicating via email so I didn't know what he looked like but he recalled that I gave him my card at his friend's wedding ceremony.

I'm glad that they recognized me. We spent some time chatting about the wedding reception and how we were going to stage it.

Big shout out to John and Lauren... their wedding reception was Very Cool. 


Maya and Evan's Jewish & Indian Wedding