Looking for a personalized mix? I specialize in creating mixes tailored to your business, unique tastes, themes, or genres.  With a wide range of options including classic hip-hop, funk, dance and soul, and eclectic mixes, there's something here for everyone. Mixes are available for streaming or download to your mobile device or computer. Don't settle for the same old rotation of songs - check out some of our mixes below and enjoy.  


If you love old school hip hop, then this mix is going to hit the spot. 90's + 2k vibes.
This mix titled, "What's Funk Got to Do With It" is my idea of funk battle between a few icons. Imagine Tina Turner Vs. Rick James Vs. James Brown... Who do you think is the FUNKIEST? 1. Tina Turner - What’s Love Got To Do With It (Zimmer Rework) 2. Tina Turner - Let’s Stay Together 3. Tina Turner - I Don’t Want To Fight 4. Tina Turner - Bold Soul Sister 5. James Brown - Paid The Cost To Be The Boss 6. James Brown - More Peas 7. James Brown - Get on The Good Foot 8. James Brown - Get Up Off That Thing 9. Rick James - Mary Jane (Jean Tonique Edit) 10. Rick James - Ghetto Life 11. Rick James - Cold Blooded 12. Rick James - You And I 13. Rick James - Superfreak 14. Rick James - Mary Jane Motown Remix
MJ was truly in a class by himself and this mix, which was done when he passed away, pays homage and showcases some of my personal favorite MJ moments. There will truly never be anyone as great as Micheal. This mix was also inspired from hearing DJ Jazzy Jeff's MJ tribute, DJ Spinna who does these wonderful MJ themed parties and the other DJs/Producers who have made MJ songs/remixes. I wanted to lend my flava to mix, and also play a couple of his remixed songs. This is what it sounds like: Never Can Say Goodbye (K Salaam & Beatnik remix) Rockin Robin Butterflies Human Nature/Swv Mix Human Nature/Neyo Mix Where Almost There Outkast - Ms. Jackson Rock My World Dela Soul - Breakadawn (MJ sample) The Girl is Mine William Pea Remix Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop Horray (MJ sample) I Can't Help It Man in the Mirror Billie Jean (Kanye West) Remix I want you back - Z Trip Remix Part of Me
These are a few of the chart topping songs for mid 2021/2022 early that heated up the clubs, radio-waves, spotify, Youtube, your car stereo and headphones everywhere.

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